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General Prem Tinsulanonda
Privy Councilor and Statesman

by Yodrak Saovakhon
(5th Edition)

I believe in righteous living, free from greed, free from arrogance of rank, free from misusing position for personal gain, always keeping strict discipline within the military, never thinking to betray the King and Country, loving all Thai nationals as my own relatives and being aware of their needs, with justice as truth equal for all, and freedom from family bias that could lead to Thailand’s downfall.

My hands must be clean and flawless, free of greed and temptation. I will maintain my full support for Thailand, Dhama, and our sacred Monarchy so they will prosper and Thailand will be long lasting. The tri-colored flag of Thailand will always flutter strongly above and beyond my own life and me
.---General Prem Tinsulanonda, Prem’s Book of Love (5th edition), Back cover.

(English translation by K. Suriyawong).

Prem Tinsulanonda Center for International Education, Chiang Mai, Kingdom of Thailand